Meet Author Jean Letai

-excerpt from Following the Sun

Jean Letai

For days Hungarians sang and danced –
celebrating in Parliament Square

savoring warm chestnuts
in the cold, gray air.
Like cats offered cream
we lapped up the sweet flavor of freedom.

Too bad we did not have nine lives.

​I am a writer formerly represented by agent Susan Cohen of Writers House, who retired in 2023. My essays and travel articles have been published in the Boston Globe, LA Times, Japan Times, and Princeton Alumni Weekly, and my poetry appears in the children's anthology Friends and Anemones.

When I'm not reading, writing or walking my dogs, I love speedskating, swimming and SUP'ing, as well as skydiving, hang-gliding, and -- most of all -- the cozy comforts of hygge. I am also a proud mama of three 20-somethings, including an MD/PhD student, a Ghost Tour guide, and a 2022 Winter Olympian.

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